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Nithya Shield

Natural protection

A natural revitalizing treatment of succinic acid and non-reticulated hyaluronic acid to protect and improve skin quality.

Improve skin tone and texture

Properly hydrate and reduce wrinkles

Protect against oxidative stress

Accelerate cellular renewal

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Direction for use
Nithya S-line Final Presentation#3

1 vial per session, every 7-14 days of treatment,  for 4-6 sessions

Periorbital puffiness
Dark spots
Lack of hydration
Expression wrinkles
How it works

Succinic acid is a metabolic intermediate of the Krebs cycle, which converts oxygen and glucose into energy7.

Sodium succinate has the power to activate and accelerate naturally occurring cellular metabolism. It significantly increases the number of transported ions that contributes to more efficient cellular respiration7 counteracting cellular degradation resulting from low oxygen levels.