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Injectable Nithya – face

Nithya powder

Sterile, hypo-allergenic type I equine collagen powder.

How to use

Dilute the collagen powder in the 70 mg bottle using 5 ml of saline or double distilled water, mixing until a suspension is formed.
NITHYA must be made into a suspension immediately before use and should be treated as disposable. Apply with small calibre needles (30G) into the deep dermis or dermal epidermal junction, using micro-bridges. Spread the product over the area to be treated and then perform a light massage.

Reduction in the signs of ageing on the face, neck and hands.
For the regeneration of connective tissues of the dermis and subcutaneous tissue thanks to the stimulation of fibroblasts and neocollagenesis.
Indicated in restructuring and genetic malformations such as hypotrophy and cutaneous hypotonia, reduced elasticity of the skin.

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